Steel & Rubber

from by Levi Strom



Live studio recording of this one. Trev dog really upped the tempo on drums ala Tom Petty and allowed my whimsical lyrics a chance to spread into your head like a virus.


(Verse 1)
I don't know if I should sing this song.
I'd like to give it back where it comes from.
I wake up in the morning and I smoke my sticky bun.
And learn to live and learn to lie alone.

When I think about you I just wanna die.
Stick a needle in my arm and just turn out the lights.
I'm winding down the highway drunk,
smokin' just to leave my mind.
This is how I like to toe the line.

It takes WORK! WORK! WORK!
To make a lover, of a man made of steel & rubber.
Inside my belly, I remember how she wore her hair.


(Verse 2)
Well it's been real it's been a real good time.
But now we've got to move a little further down the line.
Where there's another party waiting for us tonight.
And another body to keep me warm inside.
Ready, here we go.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Well I don't mind if we sing this song all night.
Well I like the words and the musics tight.
There's no telling where we'll end up tonight.
I feel something welling up inside.
Alright last time.

(Repeat Chorus)
Yes I remember how she wore her hair.


from The Lone Wolf, released September 9, 2011
Levi Strom, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Evan apRoberts, Electric & Slide Guitar, Backup Vocals; Trevor Beld-Jiminez, Drums; Jim Reynolds, Bass; Andrew MacIver, Piano; Tim Ramsey, Accordian; John Thompson, Tambourine; Larie Kost, Violin, Backup Vocals; Tracy Chesebrough, Cello, Backup Vocals; Jamie Jean Jarrard, Backup Vocals.




Levi Strom Big Sur, California

Oregon native Levi Strom has coined the term, “surf country”, to describe his blend of American roots music and West Coast surf culture. It’s also the title of his new record due out this summer on Vow Records. A mash of driving acoustic guitar, lush back up harmonies, and Levi's slightly off-key, heartfelt vocals make "Surf Country" a must download for summer 2013. ... more

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