The Run Around

from by Levi Strom



I wrote this track on the piano late one night my very first night at the recording studio. We recorded it the next day. It was very directly inspired by Harry Nilsson and has no guitar in it, but like 5 different keyboards. The chatter after the second verse was done with like 25 different takes of me rambling on one night all spliced up and smooched together. I think it sounds pretty cool.


(Verse 1)
It's hard to face the day. Now that you've gone away.
I'm through with love through with love, but it's alright.
When I wake up I'll be drinking from my happy cup.
I wonder where you are? With some shinning star?
I'm through with love through with love but it's alright.
In the evening, I'll be singing such a lovely rhyme.

When your running around it's so contrary.
I can't count them all there's just too many,
it's kinda scary, lovin' you.

(Verse 2)


Now your back in my arms. Has this gone too far?
I'm in love again love again, but I don't mind.

Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh

(Verse 3)
This the run around. My heart is on the ground.
I'm through with you through with you, but I"ll be fine.

(Repeast Chorus)

(Verse 4)
This my final word, I'm feeling so absurd. I'm through with love through with love through with LOVE!

THE END (of love?)


from The Lone Wolf, released September 9, 2011
Levi Strom, Vocals, Piano, Juno; Jim Reynolds, Bass, Percussion, Backup Vocals; Andrew MacIver, Keyboards, Backup Vocals




Levi Strom Big Sur, California

Oregon native Levi Strom has coined the term, “surf country”, to describe his blend of American roots music and West Coast surf culture. It’s also the title of his new record due out this summer on Vow Records. A mash of driving acoustic guitar, lush back up harmonies, and Levi's slightly off-key, heartfelt vocals make "Surf Country" a must download for summer 2013. ... more

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