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Directly inspired by a note from my girlfriend many moons ago. Thank you my love. I had had this one in my back pocket for sometime, but like most of the rest of my record hadn't "officially" recorded it. I assigned the musicians there tasks and them I went upstairs into a secluded hall way to record the vocals. I think this allowed the band to feel loose and relaxed without the songwriters presence. It came just the way I hoped with an underwater kinda feel, brought to you by the lush chorus and reverb on the guitars, keyboards and backing vocals.


(1/2 Chorus Intro)

(Verse 1)
I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me last night. I guess it's in my blood to get whisked up and ruined once in awhile. Anyway, you were my prince carried me off to your car. Dreaming the ocean that you are.

Sail on trusted Anchor. Sail on faithful son. Soon we'll all be makers of the morning soon to come.
Oh ride on troubled spirit. Oh ride on the silver moon. Soon we'll all be naked, in the morning soon to come.

(Verse 2)
Thinking of soft and like the ocean that you are.
Dreaming of my moon beam tunnel to take you to the stars. Fast asleep beside you unaware as you drove your car. Drinking from the ocean that you are.

(Repeat Chorus)


from The Lone Wolf, released September 9, 2011
Levi Strom, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; John Thompson, Percussion; Trevor Beld-Jiminez, Bass; Evan apRoberts, Electric Guitar; Andrew MacIver, Keyboard. Engineered by Jim Reynolds. Inspired by Jamie Jean Jarrard.




Levi Strom Big Sur, California

Oregon native Levi Strom has coined the term, “surf country”, to describe his blend of American roots music and West Coast surf culture. It’s also the title of his new record due out this summer on Vow Records. A mash of driving acoustic guitar, lush back up harmonies, and Levi's slightly off-key, heartfelt vocals make "Surf Country" a must download for summer 2013. ... more

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