The Lone Wolf

by Levi Strom

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First official release from Big Sur inhabitant Levi Strom since his self titled debut record in 2005. Many of the tracks were recorded live, some right as they were being written. Levi still plays many of the instruments on The Lone Wolf but this time has some help from his friends in the band Cave Country, and fellow LA musicians Trever Beld-Jiminez and Neal Casal. The record almost plays like a greatest hits, which isn't too surprising considering it's over 5 years of songwriting, but that's not to say The Lone Wolf lacks continuety. Actually, to the contrary, The Lone Wolf plays like a record, I mean from beginning to middle to end it's a real record. Over all this is a soft record, although a few tracks stick out, One Kiss an electro-rock suicide ballad in the vein of 80's New Wave and Wild Child, a raunchy bar room sing along that smells of early Rolling Stones, in a Stromy kinda way! If you want a taste of the many styles Levi is capable of this record will not disappoint, but be warned that once this thing goes in your speakers it may not come out for awhile, at least until the next Strom record is out.


released September 9, 2011

All words and music by Levi Strom, © 2011 Levi Strom (BMI)
Produced by Levi Strom and Cave Country
Recorded at The Pro Haus Los Angeles CA, and The Clouds Big Sur CA between December 2010 and May 2011.
Mixed by Jim Reynolds and John Thompson.
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound, Los Angeles
Cover Photo by Levi Strom.
Graphic Design provided by Debra Lumpkins Januzzi




Levi Strom Big Sur, California

Oregon native Levi Strom has coined the term, “surf country”, to describe his blend of American roots music and West Coast surf culture. It’s also the title of his new record due out this summer on Vow Records. A mash of driving acoustic guitar, lush back up harmonies, and Levi's slightly off-key, heartfelt vocals make "Surf Country" a must download for summer 2013. ... more

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Track Name: The Most Epic Moonrise
(Verse 1)
Last night I saw
The most epic moonrise
Standing there alone by your side
You'd only just left
But I'm missing you still
And I can't help but feelin' this way

On The cliffs last night
Under the full moon light
I looked into your eyes
But the shadow you cast
Is too lonely to last
So let's dance together
Right where we stand

(Verse 2)
It was a Super Moon
But on the last night
It was cloudy, but mostly clear
We were casting HUGE shadows
Straight into the moon
We raced down the cliffs
Drinking a beer

(Repeat Chorus)
Where we stand
Time has no meaning
Where we're going
There is no known
But there's this
My love for you dear
Your my heart
Your my angel
Your my man

(Verse 3)
It didn't take all that long
Not as long as it should have
For Mike is a speedy man
In the middle of the night
We just saw one other car
It was a truck that had a trailor

(Repeat Chorus)
So let's dance together right where we stand.
Track Name: Oak Tree
I'm a Live Oak tree
Birds build their home in me
Kids climb my branches to see
How I see

And I'm alive for the day
But I don't have much to say
A fire burns in me
I'm a Live Oak tree

And she's my evergreen
I can feel her suffering
And I know that it's true
She takes away my pain
Over you

And I'm a fallin' oak tree
I feel by the axe of greed
They came and conquered me
I'm a fallin' tree

(Repeat Chorus)

And I'm a dying oak tree
I died so suddenly
My death brings falling leaves
I'm a dying tree
That's how I leave
I'm a dying tree
That's how I leave
Track Name: Steel & Rubber
(Verse 1)
I don't know if I should sing this song.
I'd like to give it back where it comes from.
I wake up in the morning and I smoke my sticky bun.
And learn to live and learn to lie alone.

When I think about you I just wanna die.
Stick a needle in my arm and just turn out the lights.
I'm winding down the highway drunk,
smokin' just to leave my mind.
This is how I like to toe the line.

It takes WORK! WORK! WORK!
To make a lover, of a man made of steel & rubber.
Inside my belly, I remember how she wore her hair.


(Verse 2)
Well it's been real it's been a real good time.
But now we've got to move a little further down the line.
Where there's another party waiting for us tonight.
And another body to keep me warm inside.
Ready, here we go.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Well I don't mind if we sing this song all night.
Well I like the words and the musics tight.
There's no telling where we'll end up tonight.
I feel something welling up inside.
Alright last time.

(Repeat Chorus)
Yes I remember how she wore her hair.
Track Name: Shoe String
(Verse 1)
Why are you so cold to me, I've barely had a chance
to be-come the man I was born to be, a man that
you can trust you'll see. But I was fast and stole your
time and with one look I made you mine. But you were still not over him, said to me let's just be friends.

(Verse 2)
This is just another verse of my undoing and my curse.
To be alone and to be sad, destroy myself just like
my dad. But I won't forget you though, but I'll force
myself to let you go, and do your thing out on your own,
shed your skin shoe string I know.

Oh LOOK! Here I am.
LOOK OUT! Cause here I am.

(Verse 3)
This is just a melody to help me to get over thee.
I'll cry myself to sleep tonight, burn my head to
make it right. My heart beats strong my heart beats
true. My heart beat says that I love you. But you can't face me I'm like the sun, you won't believe that's its begun.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
Your skin so soft your eyes so blue I have to stop from telling you. That I want you by my side that I want you to be my bride. I've never felt this way before oh I'm so scared we've shut the door and lost our chance for heavens sake, have to know just what you think of . . .

ME! Cause here I am.

Track Name: The Run Around
(Verse 1)
It's hard to face the day. Now that you've gone away.
I'm through with love through with love, but it's alright.
When I wake up I'll be drinking from my happy cup.
I wonder where you are? With some shinning star?
I'm through with love through with love but it's alright.
In the evening, I'll be singing such a lovely rhyme.

When your running around it's so contrary.
I can't count them all there's just too many,
it's kinda scary, lovin' you.

(Verse 2)


Now your back in my arms. Has this gone too far?
I'm in love again love again, but I don't mind.

Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh

(Verse 3)
This the run around. My heart is on the ground.
I'm through with you through with you, but I"ll be fine.

(Repeast Chorus)

(Verse 4)
This my final word, I'm feeling so absurd. I'm through with love through with love through with LOVE!

THE END (of love?)
Track Name: One Kiss
(Verse 1)
Just one kiss stains my lips, and our love grows, like a rose all over me. Breaking bread and drinking wine, will I give it all up or will I fill my cup? Mmmm Mmmmm
All this time, he was I know, just letting go, so just let him go. Ewwwww

And for reason I can't explain. There's a gun pressed against my brain and I can't out. From your foolish love, has murdered love again.

(Verse 2)
Now that you know, what your not suppose to know. Will you run away, or will come out and play. Mmm Mmm


Fallin' down to lovin' ground. Gunna sing my song before I'm gone Ewwwwwww

And for reasons I can't explain. There's a bullet inside my brain, and I can't get out. From your cruel love, suicidal love again.

Track Name: Anchor
(1/2 Chorus Intro)

(Verse 1)
I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me last night. I guess it's in my blood to get whisked up and ruined once in awhile. Anyway, you were my prince carried me off to your car. Dreaming the ocean that you are.

Sail on trusted Anchor. Sail on faithful son. Soon we'll all be makers of the morning soon to come.
Oh ride on troubled spirit. Oh ride on the silver moon. Soon we'll all be naked, in the morning soon to come.

(Verse 2)
Thinking of soft and like the ocean that you are.
Dreaming of my moon beam tunnel to take you to the stars. Fast asleep beside you unaware as you drove your car. Drinking from the ocean that you are.

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Wild Child
(Verse 1)
I'm a wild child in the night of Eden. From the bottom of a well where I do my thinking. I reach for the gin, an empty bottle again, and a broken heart and a woman to blame.

But now I'm all done thinking, so let's start drinking. I'm all done waiting, for your love. I'm all mixed up, so let's get fucked up, and in the morning I'll be lonesome again.


(Verse 2)
a well where I do my thinking. I reach for the gin, an empty bottle again, and a wounded heart and a woman on my mind.

bug now I'm all done thinking, so let's start drinking. I'm all done waiting, for your love. I'm all mixed up, so let's get fucked up, and in the morning I'll be lonesome again.